truth, exercise for a listener

‘truth, exercise for a listener’ is a catalogue of options for a musical performer. In four parts each focusing on a different facet of our ability to listen. All can be selected, combined, omitted or extended at will. Multiple exercises can happen simultaneously.

In a general sense the piece is an attempt to create a performance situation that instigates changes between the sound spaces we inhabit. Accordingly, it highlights listening as a process of (changing) perspective and forces such shifts with all listeners involved. Performers are instructed to actively engage with and -somehow methodically- excite, measure, interpret and derive cues from the acoustics and ambience of the different sections of a performance site. A second part of the catalogue prescribes ways of coordinating one’s own playing following a possible second performer -regarded as part of the ambience of the site-. A third to listen inwards, memorise and develop the course of one’s own actions following a set of crude algorithms. The fourth part could be considered a tuning exercise where, in the case of multiple performers, these are instructed to gradually move towards a unison arriving from arbitrary points.

A public performance can not be announced beforehand and when being recorded, only with a handheld device. The engineer in this case is regarded a performer, equally inquisitive and documenting the space(s) that he/she moves through.

. download score _truth, exercise for a listener_

. Sergio Merce & Mariano Malamud at conDIT/cheLA, Buenos Aires 2013

. Rishin Singh & Sam Pettigrew at Nownow, Sydney 2012

full recording (33:00) available at Compost and Height

Subjam has released a recording of ‘truth’ made by 阿鸣 Amin, 闫玉龙 Yan Yulong, 朱文博 Zhu Wenbo and 颜峻 Yan Jun