of two / six by 2

of two / six by 2 is a site specific performance installation piece for 2 pianists and 6 resonances, evolving over 6 consecutive days.

2 concert piano’s are centrally placed within a space. They remain opened for the full duration of the exhibition, with scores and dimly lit. 2 speaker drivers are installed in the space as well, lowered from the ceiling hanging in nylon wire. Entering the space, a music stand will be placed with a pamphlet shortly explaining concepts of resonance and suggesting certain movements to the visitor to amplify its experience.

Every day, the whole day, a quiet, extremely slow and irregularly changing interval of 2 electronic pure waves can be heard in the space. The 2 are chosen from a series of 6 tuned to the 6 strongest resonances of the space. The wave lenghts of the electronic tones proportionally match the dimensions of the space, which will naturally amplify the tones. The space then appears to hum at its inherent pitch: the tones are perceived omnipresent and physical without being loud. By moving around within the space, highly location-specific modulations between the 2 tones in the interval can be experienced, changing from step to step.

Each day, for 6 days, 2 pianists visit the space at an individually chosen moment. Following their arrival, they perform their daily part lasting 2 hours. If and how they meet each other is thus unknown. Daily, they play 1 movement of a slowly evolving graphical score, which they transcribed beforehand. The score instructs how slowly developing tones, chords and phrases can be played around the interval. The resonant interval heard in the space at a given moment, indicates which transposition of the instructions is to be played. The piano tones will modulate the static resonant tones and produce a changing topology of highly place-specific resonances within the space, the experience of which is dependent on the evolving relation between one’s position and the performed material at a given moment.

Renowned Dutch experimental pianists Dante Boon and Reinier van Houdt are currently interpreting the score in preparation of the piece’s first exhibition.

where 2 in 6 by 2_new_extract

. download score of two / six by 2