during, lasting .. exhibition piece

Over the course of a number of consecutive days, an ensemble of musicians visits a space on a daily basis, unannounced and uncoordinated. Playing positions have been fixed in a spatial setting and following their arrival each musician plays a one hour part from the same position every day. With the permutation of the ensemble on a particular day left to chance, the piece displays an aleatoric process of dismantling and re-integration of its parts.


More than being a work of long duration, ‘during, lasting..’ is comprised of reconfigured time. Accordingly, it can take the shape of a silenced space -an environment of no or few sounds or activity-, of a compositional space enveloped by progressing tones and including a multitude of instruments, or of one of the many transitionary stages in between.

DNK ensemble at Nearly Not There exhibition, W139 Amsterdam 2015during_lasting_01

full recording (55:00) available at Compost and Height

Rockbund Art Museum, Shanghai 2014

during lasting.004

Konzert Minimal at Errant Bodies Project Space, Berlin 2014

. download score _during, lasting.._number routine_matrix