Martijn Tellinga (1974, Netherlands) is an artist, composer and occasional performer. His practice renders an ongoing meditation on the rudimentary condition of the sonic arts. Drawn from a reduced formalist-seeming vocabulary, his work centers on the intuitive bending of (music) systems and the use of sound to express ideas of space, place and process. It includes a wide variety of conceptual actions and chance operations, probing the emergent field between intended and accidental occurrences.

Traversing the planes of composition and the performance setting as such, his works thoroughly intertwine parameters of both aural and spatial perception including aspects of concert, installation and performance art. Engaged with the formative principles of music, the scores for his instrumental works are often open-ended proposing simple rule-based systems that provide a template for listening, acting and interacting.

Recently he has been creating performance installations explorative of extreme durations and documentary pieces using principles of acoustical measurement and intervention style negotiations of site.

He received a Master’s degree in Sonology and artist stipends from the Mondriaan Fonds. He performs and exhibits his work worldwide, lectures and works in residence. He collaborated with a.o. Jonny Axelsson, James Beckett, Dante Boon, Seamus CaterDextro, James Fulkerson, Sagi Groner, Robin Hayward, HKNMEKonzert Minimal,  Liminar ensembleMike Majkowski, Sergio MerceModelo62, Jon Mueller, Koen NuttersChrissie ParrottSplinter Ocrhestra, Yan Jun. He interpreted and performed works by a.o. Brecht, Cage, Cardew, Lucier, McCall, Nono, Raaijmakers, Tenney, Tudor, Xenakis.

He is one of the curators for the long running series DNK-[amsterdam] and visiting professor at the Central Academy of Fine Arts in Beijing. He lives and works in Amsterdam and Beijing.